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Lesson 7
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How To Write Your Articles Taking Into Account Search Intent
Lesson Transcript

So hello and welcome to Boost Travel Affiliate Revenue Using SEO.

I’m Sharon Gourlay, and I’m working with Travelpayouts to bring you this super informative course about how to make more money from travel affiliates using the power of SEO. 

So, in the last lesson, in the last couple of lessons, we found our keywords, you know. We’ve got a great one, we’ve got all the related ones. So now it’s time to actually write our articles, and we’re going to take into account the search intent what people mean when they’re searching the reader’s intent, you know, the buying cycle, all of that to produce this great article that will hit that affiliate marketing sweet spot. 

Now when it comes to using your keywords in your article, you’re going to use your main keyword that when we found two lessons ago, in the title of the article, the URL, the meta description, put it in a subheading within the article and then just put it in the text once. 

Now, some sources or keyword plugins for WordPress will likely tell you to use your keyword a whole ton of times. It’s really not necessary, and it’s much smarter and leads to a lot more traffic to use lots of keywords rather than using one keyword once. So this will do for your main keyword. But then, of course, you’ve got all these other keywords we’ve just found. So use as many of them as you can once each. And like I said before, and I don’t want to reiterate, it’s much better to use many keywords once each than one keyword many times and always like prioritize those found keywords. 

So when it comes to actually writing your content, obviously you need to do more than use keywords. You need to write really great content, there is no getting around that. You need to really make sure you answer all the questions your readers might have on your article topic. Because think back to that buying cycle, okay, you want to be in the research and comparison phase. And if you don’t answer their questions, they’re going to click back to Google and look for another answer, which means that you know you won’t make any affiliate revenue they’re not ready to buy yet, but it can also hurt your SEO rankings, so it can hurt your traffic. 

So you are really gonna be thorough, think about everything they want to know, include it to have the best article. Think about that buying cycle and what do they need to know to make that purchase, make that comparison folder, make it easy. 

Really make sure you are solving your readers’ problems, okay, just being that super helpful resource. So let’s look at an example.

So we’re looking at an article that’s quite similar to that keyword we just found, and it’s ‘family accommodation Phillip Island’. So that is the main keyword.

You can see that it’s also in the URL, and you will find it in a subheading as well. So, you know, I’m really concentrating on using those keywords. I’m concentrating on answering all those questions and making it really easy for people to work out their best family accommodation on Phillip Island.

So, anything that you notice that looks like it could be a keyword like that would be very easy, there are a lot of keywords in this article. So as we scroll down the table of contents, it’s kind of helpful for you to see what I included. 

So there’s that comparison to really help people. You know, pick their best option, thinking of the buying cycle, I’ve got the 10 reviews there for the hotels and a map of all of them. There’s a lot of keywords in the headings too, you know that “family accommodation Philip Island”, the main keyword is there. And there is also you know other alternatives to it like ‘Phillip Island family accommodation’ or ‘the best accommodation on Philip Island for family’ you know. That’s another keyword. 

So I’m using them in my headings as much as possible because it’s a bit more powerful. So I’ve got this table comparison, so they can quickly compare you know exactly where the hotel is on Phillip Island, the prices, star ratings, and then of course some handy affiliate links. 

So, we keep going down you know, there’s a lot of information you know, family-friendly features are really highlighted. You know, there’s click here for more information I make sure we always specifically discuss you know the location, facilities, room types, all those types of things, and then it really you know it rinses and repeats, it’s got it for each one the best parts, the worst part, summary. 

So hopefully you can see from that how I’ve used keywords, have been really thorough in all my content. You can always go and look at this article yourself as well online. And just really see how you can use keywords, how you can answer those questions, How you can get that affiliate marketing sweet spot.

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