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How to Make Money with Travelpayouts in 4 Simple Steps
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Welcome to How to Make Money as a Content Creator, the course that covers everything you need to start earning money online doing what you love. I’m James Caran, content creator at WayAway and Travelpayouts. In this lesson, we’ll reveal everything you should know about how to monetize your content with Travelpayouts.

As you already know, Travelpayouts is a travel partnership platform designed to help creators like you earn money online! Though Travelpayouts is tailored for creators in the travel niche, you can earn money with the platform even if your content isn’t related to travel! 

There are many topics that fit extremely well with brands in the travel niche. By the end of this video, I’ll help you see why our network is loved and used by content creators across all different fields!

Travelpayouts is a digital platform that allows you to partner with over 100 leading travel brands and manage payments from a single dashboard! Some travel brands already on the platform are RentalCars, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide,, Agoda, and WayAway! Whether you’re earning money from 1 company or 15, all of your earnings are pooled together in Travelpayouts, so you can see the money hit your account – fast!

Not only is it easy to hit your minimum payout quickly and manage everything in one space, you also get:

  • A dedicated support team to guide you along the way
  • Free tools to use like: widgets, links, banners, and so on 
  • Educational materials and resources to help you get the most out of those tools 

You’re probably wondering how to get started – so let’s get to it! You can do this in 4 simple steps: 

Step 1. Join Travelpayouts for free! In just a few clicks, you’ll be registered on the platform and can start creating projects right away! One of the main benefits of Travelpayouts is that you can have several projects running at one time. For example: you can run one blog about Budget Travel, and another about Traveling with Kids, and add both to your Travelpayouts account!

The second step to getting started with Travelpayouts is to choose a category and program. We have a range of over 20 different categories! 

Some of the top performing are: 

  • Accommodation 
  • Flights
  • Car rentals 
  • Cruises
  • Tours and activities 

Most of these categories fit well with niches beyond travel! For example, if you’re a lifestyle blogger or parenting influencer – you can promote accommodation offers, or tours and activities! Think about your audience when choosing a category or a brand to work with, and ask yourself what they would like to see. Which categories and offers would fit seamlessly into your content? 

Brands in Travelpayouts allow some types of projects and traffic but don’t allow others. So it’s in your best interest to see whether or not you qualify to partner with certain brands. You can find this information in the description of each program. We have more information in the resources section of this lesson about how to choose and add programs in Travelpayouts. 

After you’ve joined some programs, be sure to check out the different tools each brand offers in their package. Adding tools encourages visitors to take action on the offers. For beginners, you’ll definitely want to use links, this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote brands’ offers across different channels! Also, there are more advanced tools such as widgets, banners, landings, APIs and more – you can even build your mobile app with Travelpayouts!

Don’t miss the super helpful tutorials on how to add programs and tools to your content in the resources section!

Our last and final step to get started in your Travelpayouts journey is to start tracking your progress! 

Thanks to the single dashboard view, it’s easy to review all sorts of data, like: 

  • How many times users see your widgets and banners
  • the number of clicks on a certain link or tool 
  • pending orders 
  • paid orders and more! 

This makes tracking your progress easy and helps you break down the programs that work best for you! 

There you have it! Getting started with Travelpayouts really is as easy as these 4 steps: 

  • Join for free
  • Choose a category and program 
  • Add your tools
  • Start tracking your progress


Thanks so much for joining me in today’s lesson! This actually wraps up our How to Make Money as a Content Creator course. If you’ve been with me from the beginning – thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed the course and that we see you on Travelpayouts really soon! 

If you liked today’s lesson, I recommend our Travelpayouts 101 course for a more in-depth look and how-to’s.

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