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Best Tools to Promote WayAway and WayAway Plus in Your Content
Lesson Transcript

Promoting affiliate programs can be overwhelming, but not if you have the right tools! That’s why at WayAway we’ve gone the extra mile to create a powerful suite of promo tools. In this video, you’ll learn what tools are available for WayAway partners and how you can add these tools to your content. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Let’s start with affiliate links. They are effective, super easy to use, and can be shared on almost any platform, including your website, YouTube channel, social media accounts, messenger apps, and more.

How can you create a WayAway link? It’s simple. 

Once you join the program, go to the Tools tab. There, click Links, choose the project where you’ll promote WayAway, and copy the link you need. All that’s left is for you to insert the link into your content! After that, you’ll be set to promote WayAway and get paid whenever a user buys through your link.

But what if you want to drive users to a specific page on the brand’s website? That’s possible with the WayAway Deep Link Generator. Say you want to promote cheap flights from Denver to Los Angeles. To add this offer to your content, copy the URL on the brand’s website and go to the Deep Link Generator in the Tools tab. Once there, just paste the URL into the Target URL field and copy the generated link. 

Want to know the best part? You don’t need to shorten the link! The Travelpayouts’ Built-in URL Shortener has already done it for you! 

Let’s take a look at another effective WayAway tool: the widget. Widgets are interactive tools that allow users to search for cheap flights right on your website. WayAway offers a wide choice of widgets, all of them easy to install and customize.

Let’s see how you can add a WayAway widget to your website. 

First, go to the Tools tab of the program and select Widgets. Choose a widget and click the Customize button. Here, you can play around with the widget’s settings and appearance. After you’re done, just click Copy Code, add the widget code to your website, and voilà! The WayAway widget is now live. See? Piece of cake.

Here’s a pro tip before we move on. Don’t hesitate to use widgets along with affiliate links in your content. These tools work well together, and combining them could help you boost conversions.

The next tool you simply can’t ignore is the WayAway Plus promo code. This fantastic tool helps your audience save 10% on their membership plan while bringing you some profit. 

What’s more, WayAway Plus promo codes work across different platforms. You can even share them with your friends and family! No matter who uses it, you get $10 for every membership plan bought with your code. 

How can you get a WayAway promo code? In the Promo Code tab, create a promo code with a custom name that’s easy to remember, or copy the promo code we’ve created for you. 

Last but not least, let’s talk about WayAway banners, which come in lots of different formats and designs and can be used both on your website and social media. If you want a banner for your site, just go to the Tools tab and click Banners. Pick the one you like most, copy the banner code, and add it to your website. 

And for social media? Simply download one and use it in your posts. Don’t forget to add a partner link and a promo code to get rewarded for all the sales you drive.

That’s it for today. Now that you know which tools you can use to promote WayAway, go ahead and add them to your content. Experiment with different tools to see which ones will work best for you. 

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