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How to Make Your First Sale With WayAway and Maximize Your Earnings
Lesson Transcript

Wondering how to make your first sale with WayAway or looking for a way to maximize your earnings? If so, this video is for you. 

This video will share some actionable tips on how to earn your first dollar with WayAway and grow your revenue. Let’s dive in, shall we? 

Tip #1: Audit your existing content to identify which posts generate a lot of traffic and can be a good fit for promoting flights. Then, insert WayAway tools, such as links, widgets, and banners into these posts. 

Here’s a pro-tip about WayAway tools: Make sure to use WayAway links along with widgets in your content. These tools work well together and can help you drive up your affiliate revenue.

When placing affiliate tools in your posts, explain how your users will benefit from clicking on them and add a clear CTA, such as Book Cheap Flights.

Tip #2: Create top-quality content about WayAway and WayAway Plus. Not sure what to write about? Here are some content ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Write a detailed review of WayAway and WayAway Plus. To make your review more natural, first test out WayAway for yourself. Then, include your review in a post with some money-savvy travel hacks. Such posts are likely to attract more traffic than a simple review. 

Here’s another idea: Write a post comparing WayAway with other flight aggregators or cashback services. You can even analyze which factors influence your audience’s purchasing decisions and create a comparison table listing these factors. 

Let’s move on to Tip #3. To drive more sales, make sure you promote WayAway on social media. However, some social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, don’t allow you to place affiliate links in posts. The way out? Add the WayAway affiliate link to your bio. 

Here’s another tip: People love watching videos, so forward more people to WayAway by creating Instagram Reels and Stories about the platform. Don’t forget to add clickable links to your stories and add them to your highlights.

Tip #5: To optimize your campaigns for success, track how well your campaigns perform. You can do this hassle-free through Travelpayouts. 

 Here, in the Reports tab of your dashboard, you can see the number of impressions, clicks on your tools, bookings, and more. 

What if you fail to drive tons of sales straight away? Don’t stress! Success is never a straight-and-narrow path. Just be sure to try different tools and listen to your audience. Your time and effort will eventually pay off.

Now, don’t let the things you’ve learned fade away! Implement all the tips from this video and start earning with WayAway.

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