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About the course

The course is designed to help you tap into the earning potential of the travel niche with Travelpayouts. It will explain how you can earn a solid income promoting travel brands you love with Travelpayouts and how you can choose a brand that’s almost guaranteed to earn you money.


What will you learn?

  • The earning potential of the travel niche
  • Travelpayouts’ win-win-win philosophy and what it means for our partners
  • The benefits of a travel partnership platform like Travelpayouts
  • Can you earn money in the travel niche if you’re not a travel blogger?
  • How to choose a brand, keeping your audience in mind
  • What are cookies & why are they important in affiliate marketing?
  • What is geotargeting & why it matters in affiliate marketing?
  • Sales attribution & what it means when choosing a brand to work with



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