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How to Find Your Niche
Lesson Transcript

Welcome to our “How to Make Money as a Content Creator” course. In this course, you’ll learn how you can earn money online doing what you love. I’m James Caran, content creator at WayAway and Travelpayouts.

In Module 1, we’ll talk about everything you need to do to start off on the right foot as a content creator, from picking the right niche and platform to goal setting and building a solid action plan. 

In Lesson 1, you’ll learn how to find your niche when you’re just starting out. 

You may have heard that to succeed as a content creator, you need to find a really good niche. But what exactly is a niche, and how can you pick one that will work for you? This video will break it all down for you. Let’s jump in, shall we?

First of all, what’s a niche? Simply put, in marketing, a niche is a small part of a larger market that has its own demands and preferences.

But why do you need to choose a niche? Let me give you an example. Say you’re really passionate about travel and want to create travel-related content. Since the travel sector is huge, if you start creating content about such a broad topic, you’ll spread yourself too thin. The solution? Niche down and determine what you want to focus on. For instance, in the travel sector, you can narrow in on topics such as traveling with kids, travel fashion, or wellness tourism (to name a few). 

You might say: “Hold on! That leaves me with a smaller audience to work with.” And while that’s true, your competition will also be less fierce, and it will be easier for you to find common ground with your dream audience. Furthermore, niching down is a proven way to stand out. Why? Because focusing on a small part of a larger market allows you to become a true expert much faster.

How can you identify your niche? First and foremost, take a moment to think about topics you’re passionate about. It’s much easier to create content about a niche that speaks to you.

Next, consider the skills or expertise you can bring to the table and what problems you can help solve. Let’s say you love a good bargain and have tons of experience traveling on a budget. Why not share some hacks that could help other people spend less while traveling?

Another important point to consider is whether a niche has a decent demand and offers enough earning potential. In travel, there are a lot of popular and profitable niches to choose from. To explore them, check out the Travel Niches list in the Resources section. 

To set you on the right track and make choosing a niche easier for you, we’ve also created a Find Your Niche worksheet, which you can download from the resources section.

What if you’ve done all of this, but are still struggling to decide which niche is the right fit for you? Don’t lose heart. Try out a few niches to see which one works best. Experiment and see where it takes you. They say that the secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Let’s wrap things up:

  • Niching down makes it easier to stand out, establish rapport with your audience, and builds your expertise.
  • To choose a niche, think about topics that speak to you, and figure out what skills and expertise you can bring to the table.

Now take a moment to think about the topics you’re passionate about and discover a niche where your skills and passions meet. In the next lesson, we’ll cover how you can understand your audience and create the right content for them. Keep watching!

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