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How to Get Visitors to See Your Content – Brief Overview of Module 3
Lesson Transcript

Welcome to our How to Make Money as a Content Creator course that covers everything you need to earn money online doing what you love. 

In our previous module, we explained how to create great content. This covered everything from how to get ideas about what content to create, to standing out from the crowd and outperforming your competitors! If you didn’t check it out yet, be sure to watch it now and come back to this module when you’re finished! 

In this module, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting visitors to your content. Because let’s be honest, content is no good just sitting on the internet collecting spam! In each lesson, we’ll uncover the specific ways you can get visitors to see your website, blog post, video channel, social media pages, or whatever type of content you’re working on to generate business. 

When creating in a digital space, you’re at an advantage, since you can track so much about your audience through platforms like Google Analytics, or other online analytics tools. Don’t miss the resources section, you’ll find videos and information about how to get started with Google Analytics.

When you’re using these tools, you’ll notice something called “traffic.” This is your metric to help measure your visitors; typically on a month-to-month basis. But you can also compare year to year, week by week, and even look at your visitor count from a specific day! If you want to start monetizing your content online, traffic is one metric that will help you start! 

There are 5 different ways that traffic (or viewers) may be directed to your content. We’ll break down each of these into separate lessons because they’re all super important and deserve their own space! 

But for the sake of getting started, I’ll give you a quick overview here:

  • Organic traffic are the people who look you up specifically, or find you while searching for something online.
  • Referral traffic includes those who found you through another domain, media. channel, or website – they were referred to you by another project or source.
  • Email traffic: are the visitors who come to your project after reading an email about it.
  • Social traffic: are people who visit from social media channels. 
  • Paid traffic: are people who found you by clicking on a paid advertisement. 

Each of the 5 types of traffic are important, and you need to prioritize which you focus on generating first according to your project, goals, and budget. In this module, we’ll give an overview of how to drive different types of traffic to your content. 

Alright, if you’re still with me, I know you’re serious about getting your business online and making money off of that content, fast! 

So let’s not waste any more time – join me for our third module, “How to Get Visitors to See Your Content”. In lesson 1 we will tackle the first, and often the largest traffic source: Organic traffic. Join me now to learn about how to get visitors to see your content, organically!


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