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Lesson 6
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Finding Other Keywords You Should Use In Your Article
Lesson Transcript

Hello, and welcome to Boost Travel Affiliate Revenue Using SEO

My name is Sharon Gourlay, and I’m partnering with Travelpayouts to bring you this super informative course, so you can make money from affiliates by using the power of SEO. 

So, in the last lesson, we talked about finding that main keyword, and you know, it’s a fair bit of effort. So you’ll be happy to know that in this lesson finding other keywords you should use in your article is far easier, and you’ll be done very quick. 

So, I highly recommend you use more than one keyword in your articles, okay? It’s the way to get far more traffic from Google also far more those readers with the right reader intent, then far more affiliate commissions as well. 

So, all you need to do for this is to use the main keyword you found in your last lesson in a keyword tool to find all related keywords, so very similar keywords I mean by this. 

Now, you’ll probably get so many if you picked a good keyword that you will not be able to use them all. So you want to prioritize any that are buying keywords. So let’s dive in, and I’ll show you how to do this using

So let’s look for related keywords for “Family accommodation Melbourne” that I found in the last demonstration. 

So, I put it in my keyword tool, you know, I set the country whatever I want. This is where I might actually use all locations, not just my main audience if I had a global audience, but it’s up to you, doesn’t 100% matter, you’ll still get heaps of related keywords. So once I did that, I got all these keywords here, obviously I didn’t want 699. And I can already see the ones that I wouldn’t want to use, like “Taylor’s lake family hotel”.

So, what’s best to do here is to actually filter, otherwise, you’re going to download 699 keywords that you’re never going to fit in an article. So, if we click on filter, I actually have one that is already prepared. 

So you can see these here. So basically, you want to be as specific as you can of the words that you’d want in a keyword, so I’m basically saying here that a keyword has to contain like Melbourne family and resort or Melbourne family resorts, and it can be in any order and I just have a whole lot of keywords here, that would be the types of keywords that people would be searching to learn about this article. 

So, I’m going to put them in here and yes, it can take a bit of effort to come up with these filters when they are like that long, but it’s really worth it, you’ll make it heaps easier because then you know, you’re going to have way less keywords. So now it’s much more manageable – 79, what is still quite high. I might put a minimum volume in there. But 79 is reasonable. I like 50 to 100 keywords if I’m going to write a really decent article, that’s what I find that I can use, that’s a good number. 

I’ll have a quick look just to make sure. You know there’s nothing I like maybe I would say a whole lot of words keywords with TripAdvisor you know, for example, if that was the case, I might filter out any keywords with TripAdvisor. 

At a glance that looks okay, so what I would do next is I export it to CSV, and then it’s a matter I don’t care about those but going through manually and removing the irrelevant keywords from your list. You can also combine some like you know “family hotels Melbourne” and we’ve got “best family hotels in Melbourne” now because that one is contained exactly in this one. 

We could add their search points together and actually just remove this keyword, okay? Again, it’s okay because it exactly contains “family hotels in Melbourne”. So if I use the “best family hotels in Melbourne” in my article you know if I use that I’m using both these keywords, so you can do that – combine them alike, get rid of some irrelevant ones, and you’ll find it goes down, and then you’ll have your list of keywords to use for your article.

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