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The Top 7 Best Travel Affiliate Programs to Kick Start Your Affiliate Business
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Welcome to our Travelpayouts 101 series, where we help you take off in the field of travel affiliate marketing. 

Hello and welcome back! This video will give you an overview of the top travel affiliate programs on Travelpayouts that will help you unlock your affiliate success.

Travelpayouts is a travel affiliate platform that now comprises over 100 programs in different categories. With so many options to choose from, picking the right ones to promote may seem like a daunting task. Don’t worry though. To help you get off to a quick start with Travelpayouts, we’ve hand-picked the top seven programs that will maximize your affiliate earnings. Without further ado, let’s get started. is a well-known travel brand that offers over 2,000,000 properties worldwide, including hotels, resorts, guest houses, villas,  and more.  With so many different properties to choose from, the affiliate program makes everyone who wants to travel a potential customer, regardless of your niche, location, or project. The program can boast high conversion rates and allows you to earn a 6% commission of the total booking value within a one-day tracking period also known as cookie lifetime. Please note that in your Travelpayouts dashboard, the commission is called Rate.

Want to learn more about this or any other program? Go ahead and click the Program card. Here, you can see the program description and terms, info about the commission rate, tools, allowed types of projects,  and more. is so popular that the brand practically sells itself. For this reason, the affiliate program is a great choice for every publisher who wants to earn a healthy income, even if you’re a complete beginner in the field of affiliate marketing. With the affiliate program, you can earn 4% per booking. However, keep in mind that the tracking period is limited to only one session.

With an attractive commission rate of 8% and a 31-day cookie lifetime, GetYourGuide is a perfect way to dip your toes into the experiences niche. The program boasts a catalog of over 34,000 tours and activities worldwide. There are top-notch activities for everyone. So, why not take advantage of it? Add GetYourGuide tools to your website and help your audience book  walking tours, food and beverage tours, as well as cooking and craft classes. Don’t forget to promote city passes and encourage your audience to see more of their destination for less.

Whether you’re hoping to build a big affiliate business or are just looking for a side hustle, the affiliate program is a great way to monetize your traffic. Why? Because, with over 900 car rental companies to choose from, every customer will find a car to their liking, which means more affiliate sales for you. The commission rate is 6% for each completed car reservation. Some other upsides of this program are the 30-day tracking period and a wide range of regularly-updated promo tools.

TripAdvisor is the go-to destination for people planning a trip. So, if you are a lifestyle blogger, social media influencer, media buyer, or any other type of publisher, make sure you tap into the popularity of this service by joining the TripAdvisor affiliate program. One of the greatest perks of the program is that it allows you to earn money even if users don’t make a booking. You just need to link to specific hotels and you’ll earn at least 50% of the brand’s revenue when users sent from your site click-out from TripAdvisor to any of the booking partners. Cool, isn’t it?With Tripadvisor, you can also earn 8% of each completed booking if a user sent by you books a tour or activity in the «Things To Do» section. 

CheapOair is a one-stop-shop for money-savvy travelers. The service offers flight tickets, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. For publishers, this means tons of offers to promote and a huge earning potential. To unlock this potential, play around with CheapOair tools on your website, YouTube channel, or social media and help your audience plan their wish list trips on a budget. You can earn up to $25 per booking within a generous 30-day tracking period. 

Every day, travelers are looking for cheap flight deals. Aviasales helps them compare airfare from over 700 airlines and dozens of travel agencies and systems.  As a publisher, you’ll earn 50-70% of the income Aviasales receives from agencies and airlines. To smooth your path to conversions, the program also offers a 30-day tracking period and a wide arsenal of promo tools that can fit any type of content.

All right. We’ve covered some of the major brands on Travelpayouts to fast-track your affiliate business, along with their rates and terms. Yet, these are just a snippet of partnership opportunities available. And commission rates and terms are subject to change. So let’s take a look at how you can discover more high-paying programs and the latest offers from all of these brands on our website.

To see all of the travel affiliate marketing programs Travelpayouts offers, go to your affiliate dashboard and click Programs on the left-hand side. There you go. You can now see a list of all the available programs.

If you need to find a specific category or brand, just use Filters. There are several filters to apply. You can easily sort programs by geotargeting, project type, tools available, category, attributed sales, and project you use to promote the services of a brand on Travelpayouts.

Let’s say you know that widgets are effective with your audience and drive a lot of sales. Naturally, you will want to browse all the programs offering widgets. To do so, go to Tools on the right-hand side of the Filter menu, check Widgets, and hit Apply. There you are. Now, you can see all the programs that offer widgets. 

Just a note here. To help you build a steady income, all of the affiliate programs on Travelpayouts offer great tools. Make sure you experiment with them and see which ones work best for you. To help you, we’ll go over all the available tools in a future video.

That’s it for today. To sum up, with Travelpayouts you can:

  • Choose from over 100 affiliate programs.
  • Partner with travel industry giants.
  • Easily browse all the programs on the platform.
  • Promote the ones that best fit your business.

In the next video, we’ll teach you how to choose a program most suited for your affiliate business. We’ll also outline some key steps needed to apply to programs. So, stay tuned.

Now, dive in and explore all the affiliate programs available on Travelpayouts. 


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